Marquetry Maps: A Gift for All Occasions

gifts for all

Whether you are giving gifts for their birthday, Christmas, christening, or any other special occasions, it is still a tradition to make it special. Special presents come in many forms. However, giving presents to the people you love doesn’t seem to be that simple since you need to think to slightest thing what suits them perfectly. Another thing you might consider is that, how are you going to give him a unique gift that is worthy to be treasured? You have to worry no more then, because marquetry map is on the way!

Marquetry map is an art of making pictures you like such as places you want to go, a flower, or simply a map, out of inlaying thin piece of wood noted to be veneers. It is processed by cutting out to size and fit it together. It is known to be an old craft originated in the year 1987 in England. It also helps in making your house look beautiful by displaying it through the walls. Marquetry can be on a shape of:

The inlaid woods are covered with a plastic sheet making the features of the geography look visible as taken for example the:
Names of seas
Names of areas

The Essence of Gift Giving

The process of making this requires a creative mind and patience since your goal is to be unique from any other gifts. Also, you need to make it with perfection to make it more stunning looking present. Some of the marquetry makers have gone making different maps like the map of The USA, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom, in which you can take as an inspiration. Those maps are all the same in the physical appearance and were also fitted together in the same way.

Marquetry maps are exquisitely beautiful and attractive to look at in which you can give it as a present for your loved ones for any occasions. You can check out to learn more about marquetry maps. you can also buy these online depending on the size of the frames.