A Special Ring That depicts you – Bespoke engagement rings

Bespoke engagement rings

Engagement rings indicate that the person who is wearing it is engaged to be married. It is like accepting a commitment towards wedlock. Proposing with a ring was first followed in the western countries, but now it has spread worldwide. And beyond caste, creed and religion it has spread everywhere. Now it has become a fashion to exchange rings on their engagement and the engagement is not complete without exchange of rings.

Online shopping:

There are so many varieties of troy clancy custom jewellery Sydney rings available in the showrooms and if the couple cannot visit a showroom, they can shop and order online too. There are many good ring sellers available online.

Types of metals:

The metals used are white gold, platinum and yellow gold. Out of all the metal type rings, white gold engagement diamond ring is more popular and widely ordered and used. There are twin rings available with the same design depicted on both rings, and one would be a female ring and the other male ring.

Bespoke engagement rings:

Even though there are so many types of rings, some couple would want their engagement rings to be unique and so go in for special order. That is bespoke engagement ring.

Bespoke engagement rings are the rings which would speak about the couple. It will be designed in such a way so as to depict the love the couple have for one another.

Designing of rings:

There are steps involved in designing the rings. They are:

  1. A meeting with the consultant will be scheduled, and assistance will be provided to the couple in designing the ring and finding the perfect diamond or any other gem stone of their choice.
  2. Discuss the requisites of the ring with the design consultant.
  3. A sketch of the design is created.
  4. A customized design through email will be received.
  5. If there is any change that is required, in this stage it can be changed.
  6. Decide on the diamond or any other gem stone and choose the appropriate one.
  7. Place the order once convinced with the bespoke engagement ring.
  8. Once the three dimensional version is ready using three dimensional printers, a wax model of the bespoke engagement ring is created.
  9. Using the wax model, a mold is created into which gold or platinum is poured in order to cast the bespoke engagement ring.
  10. After this, the ring is passed on to the goldsmith or diamond setters, who would fix the diamonds or any other gem stones with hand finish techniques. Now the bespoke engagement ring is ready.


Wearing a bespoke engagement ring is a prestigious issue as the ring will talk about the couple as it was designed and created by them.

Choosing a Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

dads gift

Father’s day could be one of the most perfect day that you can celebrate to honor the greatness of your father and for everything that he have done for you and the family. With that, preparing a simple appreciation could be something you can do to let him know that you care for him. But, it has been a common challenge to most in deciding the perfect gifts that they can have for their father. With that, you may want to know some of the common things you have to consider which includes the following below:

Know His Hobbies and Interests

One of the best things that you should consider is the hobbies and interests of your father. Does he loves sports? Fishing? Does he collect things? The answer to those will help you out on where you can get started on this. You can consider looking for gifts that could be related on his hobbies and interests, especially for those items that he have wanted for his collection. He will surely be glad for that.

Ask Him Directly!
Also, if you think that you are having a hard time on the right gift that you will buy then you can just ask your father directly. He would be able to tell you some of the common items that you can consider but be prepared for this because you do not want to let his requests down!

Prepare a Budget

Lastly, you have to prepare the amount of budget that you are going to use for the one you will purchase. Whether you have save a lot of money for this or you only have few, there is nothing for you to worry because your father will surely appreciate whatever gift you are going to buy for him on Father’s Day!

Reasons of Giving Gifts For Someone

giving gifts

People are thoughtful. We like to give and would also love to receive. Giving presents and gifts always happen to all of us and this happens for some extra ordinary celebrations. You give gifts for a reason and sometimes you don’t need a reason to give something to your family or your love ones.

Birthdays – every year everyone celebrates birthday. And the celebrations involve a party or simple get together. For so many reasons, birthday would be complete without something you receive from someone that is very close to you.

Wedding – weddings are always an exciting event for the lives of the couple. And another thing that can make this day very exciting is the opening of gifts. It is already a tradition that invitees of the wedding should bring something for the couple. These presents from different guests are opened first in front of the people in the reception.

Christening – whatever religion you belong, baptism or christening is one important happening in the Christian life and along with its ceremony is a celebration that includes a party. When there is baptism, there comes the Godmother and Godfather present in the church and at the reception. And for sure they also bring something as their present to the celebrator.

Gadgets and jewelries are always the best things to be given to the one celebrating. This is something the receiver would love and dreamed to have. So when you have someone you love and want her to be happy then don’t hesitate to go to mobile stores or check at the jewelry stores.

Marquetry Maps: A Gift for All Occasions

gifts for all

Whether you are giving gifts for their birthday, Christmas, christening, or any other special occasions, it is still a tradition to make it special. Special presents come in many forms. However, giving presents to the people you love doesn’t seem to be that simple since you need to think to slightest thing what suits them perfectly. Another thing you might consider is that, how are you going to give him a unique gift that is worthy to be treasured? You have to worry no more then, because marquetry map is on the way!

Marquetry map is an art of making pictures you like such as places you want to go, a flower, or simply a map, out of inlaying thin piece of wood noted to be veneers. It is processed by cutting out to size and fit it together. It is known to be an old craft originated in the year 1987 in England. It also helps in making your house look beautiful by displaying it through the walls. Marquetry can be on a shape of:

The inlaid woods are covered with a plastic sheet making the features of the geography look visible as taken for example the:
Names of seas
Names of areas

The Essence of Gift Giving

The process of making this requires a creative mind and patience since your goal is to be unique from any other gifts. Also, you need to make it with perfection to make it more stunning looking present. Some of the marquetry makers have gone making different maps like the map of The USA, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom, in which you can take as an inspiration. Those maps are all the same in the physical appearance and were also fitted together in the same way.

Marquetry maps are exquisitely beautiful and attractive to look at in which you can give it as a present for your loved ones for any occasions. You can check out marquetrymaps.yolasite.com to learn more about marquetry maps. you can also buy these online depending on the size of the frames.